Post modernism streetwear by LMC

We are happy to share that LMC's long promised SS24 collection is now available at Coton Bleu. 

LMC is a shortened phrase of "LOST MANAGEMENT CITIES". The brand is inspired by the diversity within the sceneries of cities that are inevitably not under complete control and all of the past and today's generations.For each season, LMC presents its own way of post modernism by combining the order and disorder within the society we live in.

As the only store in Belgium to carry LMC, Coton Bleu is proud to showcase the evolution of this iconic brand. With production hubs spanning Korea and other Asian countries, LMC ensures quality and innovation in every stitch. From everyday tees to statement-making knitwear, LMC's latest collection promises something for everyone.
But what truly sets LMC apart is its collaborations, the brand has partnered with big names such as Avirex, Puma, Gramicci, and Helinox, resulting in capsule collections that redefine streetwear fashion.
So, if you're ready to elevate your wardrobe with a touch of Seoul's urban energy, look no further than Coton Bleu. Explore LMC's latest collection now in-store or online.


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