Functionality wear by SAN SAN GEAR

Introducing SANSANGEAR: The Newest Addition to Coton Bleu's Collection.

We are excited to announce a new brand that has just arrived at Coton Bleu, SANSANGEAR. A South Korean label that infuses utility with elegant fabrics and functional details to create some killer garments for everyday wear. To put it simply, San San Gear is absolutely amazing.
The journey of how SANSANGEAR found its way to Coton Bleu is where our founder had the pleasure of crossing paths with the people behind SANSANGEAR during a trip to Paris. Drawn together by a shared passion for fashion and a commitment to pushing boundaries, the partnership between Coton Bleu and SANSANGEAR was born.
Founded not too long ago, SANSANGEAR has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and street style aesthetics. What sets SANSANGEAR apart is its ability to effortlessly blend urban chic with functionality, creating pieces that resonate with the modern fashion enthusiast. While SANSANGEAR may be a newcomer to the European fashion scene, it has already made waves across the globe, particularly in Korea. From this season on, they want to step outside of Korea and start retailing across Europe and Asia. And now, we're proud to be the exclusive stockist of SANSANGEAR in Brussels, Belgium.
Now available online and in-store.
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